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It is time to renew membership in The Granite City Gunslingers. The board has already set a shooting schedule for the year of 2022 and hopefully COVID-19 will be behind us and we can get to the range for shooting and friendship of fellow shooters. Kimball Rod and Gun Club raised their dues this year but the GCG board has come up with some options that we are sure will appeal to many of our shooters.

The full option, which is a dual membership, in Kimball Rod and Gun Club is $50.00, this requires membership in the NRA and for you to fill out three forms; the Kimball Rod and Gun Club membership liability waiver, the Granite City Gunslingers application, and the Granite City Gunslingers liability waiver. This option gives full membership rights to both clubs.

Kimball Rod and Gun Club website:

The second option is a Granite City Gunslingers only option. This requires you to fill out only two forms; the Granite City Gunslingers application and liability waiver. This option does not require membership in the NRA. The cost is only $25.00 for a single person but we have a family option for $40.00. Both options will give you a $5.00 discount to any regular monthly Granite City Gunslingers match and the family option saves an additional $10.00 so bring the spouse along and save a little on the shooting fee.

Other than saving money there are many reasons to join the club. Perhaps the most important reason is to have a voice in the projects that the club undertakes and at the same time enjoy the friendship of fellow shooters. We can also add that building a strong club with a solid membership helps to both protect and enhance future shooting opportunities for us as members and all the new shooters coming behind us.

Please print and fill out the enclosed membership application and waivers and sign and return them to the GCG Secretary so that you can be a part of the great 2022 shooting season.

Membership Form


Liability Form

Liability Form

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